Snacks | Imuraya Matcha Tsubuan Monaka

This snack is a must have. For $3.40, I guess it was worth the first time experience of biting into this green tea ice cream/red bean/wafer snack. It’s summer time here in Australia and I am melting. I couldn’t be bothered waiting for my train for 17 minutes (because… Sydney Trains… nuff said) so I decided to go shopping.

Didn’t go far as I discovered TongLi supermarket in Auburn Central.

They have so much green tea products in there! The products are so much cheaper than the Korean store in Lidcombe where I bought my tub of green tea ice cream.



It looks just like the picture on the package! And for that, I am super impressed. It tasted as good as it looked!

It’s interesting because I didn’t get brain freeze at all whilst biting into this. I guess it’s because of the wafer that surrounds it that protects your teeth?

9.5/10 would highly recommend and eat it again!

As for the nutritional content…


I put the nutrition and ingredients list in there in case anyone wants to check it out but has dietary restrictions.

Can’t wait to try out more of Tong Li’s cheap green tea snacks!



The Green Tea Ice Cream Chronicles | Green Tea La Creme Icecream Tub

Hey there! Long time no see!

So… I live in an area where green tea flavoured anything is rare. But a shopping centre just recently opened up in a nearby suburb! And to my joy, I found a Korean grocery store there as well!

I cannot begin to describe my glee. They have green tea kit kat, green tea pocky sticks, green tea powder, green tea latte satchets… and most importantly… GREEN TEA ICE CREAM!! 20150926_150104

There were only two brands of green tea ice cream tubs to choose from, but I opted for the La Creme because it was 1 L and more value… even though it was still a whopping $10! Well… I suppose that’s how much you should expect for rare, exotic ice cream flavours.

The Taste

What can I say, it was absolutely delicious and the matcha taste is strong with this one, despite its light green colour. I don’t mind though! It’s a pretty green!

And I have to say, it’s quite light and not sickeningly creamy.


Final Thoughts

It is delicious and I’ve been putting this in my smoothies and it tastes SO GOOD with mangoes! I was trying to replicate Boost’s Mango Mantra… I think mine tastes better.

There’s loads of sugar in it… so if I’m making any desserts, I’ll make sure to cut down on the sugar content because this ice cream is pretty sweet!


20150926_150433Hooray for home ice cream though! And… It’s Australian made so at least you know it isn’t concentrated with preservatives because it had to be shipped off from another country hundreds of miles away.

I’m excited to make some more homemade matcha smoothies with this! So pumped for the Summer time!

~Nurilen n_n

p.s. sorry it’s been a while since my last upload! Work has been a bit crazy hahah and I dropped my phone which I use to take pics for this blog with. The screen is shattered T_T

The Green Tea Ice Cream Chronicles & Matchadventure | Papparich Restaurant

Went to Papparich in Parramatta Westfield Shopping Centre the other day. Over the moon to find that they had green tea options in their dessert section!

Papparich is a Malaysian restaurant that is pretty much going global right now. It’s a fancy and also affordable restaurant. They must be doing something right because they’re everywhere in Australia right now, including 5 restaurants in Sydney! And their service was also good. Kudos to the waitress that counted all those coins we gave her!

What’s interesting about their dessert menu is that green tea ice cream isn’t a traditional Malaysian dessert. But Papparich jazzed up these traditional Malaysian desserts with some matcha ice cream! YASSSS!!

My friends KaF, JeT and I ordered these three matcha-related things:

Pappa ABC Special with Premium Ice Cream (Green Tea) by KaF


This is probably the only traditional Malay dessert we ordered out of the three in this blog post. I didn’t have a taste of this one since I already had this before in the Papparich Broadway restaurant.

I have so much to say about this dessert because it has so many components to it. Quite a mouthful (HAH).

Ehm, so as I was saying… it’s really sweet and almost savoury due to the peanuts in the bowl. It comes with a bunch of ingredients you wouldn’t normally put together such as corn, sultanas, red bean paste, I think lychee as well? The giant shaved ice structure in the middle is drizzled in cocopandan syrup and condensed milk. And most importantly, the green tea ice cream at the top! If the red bean paste wasn’t there, the ice cream might’ve felt a little out of place because it’s got that bitter taste that doesn’t complement the tropical elements of the dish. But, the red bean paste definitely built a bridge between tropical and matcha.

Final thoughts: The ~$11 cost is actually worth it considering there’s a lot of it to eat. You might need help finishing this! Better hurry because it ain’t nice when the ice melts and becomes a soup.

Pappa Premium Ice Cream (Green Tea) by Nurilen (me)


Probably the most boring out of the list… and pretty much a normal ice cream served with banana and wafer. I liked it because it was simple… so my main focus will be the matcha ice cream itself. The colour is just gorgeous. It was nice and creamy which means it’s some good quality ice cream. As for the actual matcha taste, I felt that was a bit of a let down. You could hardly taste it which I felt was a huge downer. If I want matcha ice cream, I want matcha taste! Maybe it’s because my taste buds have been desensitised to the taste that I need a higher concentration of it.

Final thoughts: it’s good for a basic dessert. Was it worth the ~$8 cost? Not really… GOOD QUALITY matcha ice creams on their own are usually this much, which this one wasn’t. Gotta up your game with the matcha content Papparich!

Matcha Rocks by JeT 20150723_143751

I am such a newbie at this food blogging thing I didn’t really take a proper picture of the drink. You can find a fancy, more professional looking picture of the Matcha Rocks on the Papparich website.

I don’t know if this is a typical Malaysian-style drink. To me, it looks like a typical ice cream smoothie, except with the exotic matcha flavour and red bean elements.

You can never go wrong with green tea and red bean together. My comments on the green tea ice cream in this drink are the same as above.

Final thoughts: $7.50 for this jumbo drink is pretty good. Be careful with what meal you pair this with though as you might not be able to finish it. I really don’t like wasting good food and drinks. This drink is a meal in itself so if you’re having a giant plate of Papparich’s roti canai and curry… watch out. Although… since it is milky, it might be a great help when soothing your tongue from all that spicy curry.

PappaRich Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Terima Kasih Papparich! Makanannya enak!

~Nurilen n_n

The Green Tea Ice Cream Chronicles: Pilot

You might’ve noticed that my gravatar is a picture of a green ice cream held by a red glove. Here it is as a large picture:

green tea ice cream
One might find this picture confusing, but I personally find the juxtaposition amusing and the ice cream in this picture… bittersweet (hah).

Ice cream’s just for a hot Summer’s day, what’s with the inappropriate fashion choices? WRONG! Ice cream is for any day, any time, any attire and at any temperature reading! My grandfather used to give his kids ice cream whenever they had a cold because apparently that made them all feel better. Homeopathic much? Disclaimer: just so that the credibility of this blog doesn’t cause its downward spiral into an abyss so soon in its life, I will mention that as a Pharmacology major, I’m not what you’d say… a homeopathy enthusiast. Ew.

So anyway, ice cream is the best! Matcha ice cream is pure bliss and I brave all elements to have it in my belly.

The Snack Stand at Kinkakuji
The Snack Stand at Kinkakuji

The picture above was taken on a Winter’s day, from a little food stand in Kyoto, Japan. You’ll find this particular stand at the end of your trek through the Kinkakuji temple footpath (pics on the right).

Matcha, or 抹茶 is the finely powdered form of green tea leaves. More info on matcha coming soon.

Matcha ice cream is one of the most popular ice cream flavours in Japan (and was probably born there) and East Asia. The thought of having eaten matcha ice cream in Japan makes me feel good. What I had was the real deal right? I am not kidding myself. There IS a difference in taste between matcha ice creams made in Japan and those made elsewhere. The ice cream I had in Kyoto was a

300円 for a single ice cream! Kind pricy... but worth it.
300円 for a single ice cream! Kind pricy… but worth it

lot more fresh than the ones I’ve had in Sydney and the matcha flavour was so distinct from the first bite lick. The taste was so evenly balanced with the sweetness it just tastes like perfection. And this is coming from a casual street stall. Can you imagine the taste of this confection served in an actual Japanese restaurant?

I have set myself a mission to document all of my green tea ice cream adventures on this very blog. It shall be called: The Green Tea Ice Cream Chronicles. Every time I find matcha ice cream, I will record it. The rest of the world must know about green tea ice cream! And somewhere in the world, someone has the best tasting green tea ice cream! This sounds a little irrational, considering taste is subjective and where else would it be but in Japan? Well, maybe one day my quest might bring me back to Japan. But for now, I guess I’ll just have to settle for the little restaurants and shops in Sydney that are catching on with the green tea ice cream trend.

Green Tea Ice Cream Mission: Challenge Accepted.


Special mention to the Kinkakuji for being so photogenic.

Beautiful Reflection of the Golden Kinkakuji on the lakes surface
Beautiful Reflection of the Golden Kinkakuji on the lakes surface