Snacks | Yuki & Love Japanese Style Green Tea Mochi

I’m a big fan of mochi and came across green tea mochi. Of course I had to try it!

I’ve had packaged green tea mochi before… but this particular brand of mochi wasn’t that soft, gooey mochi texture. It was a bit like biting into a stone…



Wow, I haven’t posted on greentealicious in months! But 2 posts in one day? I am on a roll!

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Snacks | Matchadventure @Daiso


It’s been a while!

So a new shopping centre popped up in my local area last year and I was ecstatic that a Daiso store was going to open up there!

At last, I finally got to to visit the store and boy did I find lots of green tea goodies! I selected a couple of interesting matcha snacks…


1. Furuta Everyone Cookies

20161015_15412620161015190557The cookies come individually packaged. You get a whiff of green tea once you take the cookie out of its packet and there’s a subtle matcha taste. 2016101519064320161015190456Other than that, it tastes like a chocolate chip cookie.
Score: 7/10

2. DARS Uji Matcha Chocolate


Haven’t been to a Daiso store in a while and am a little heartbroken that they no longer go by the “EVERYTHING $2.80”. This chocolate was $3.80… yikes.

20161015_154118It’s a dark chocolate… very rich chocolate (no pun intended) with a matcha centre.20161015192406

I’m a big fan of the dark chocolate taste and I was also pleased that the chocolate came as individual pieces like they do with some Lindt chocolates.

Score: 8/10

3. Meiji Hello Panda – Matcha Green Tea Cream Filling

Growing up, Hello Panda was the go to snack and I fondly remember my school canteen selling the chocolate and strawberry cream filling flavours. 20161015193040It was the closest thing to junk food the canteen sold once they removed ice cream and chips from the shelves. So, bonus points for nostalgia.The green tea cream filling tastes a lot like the green tea kit kat.2016101519325020161015193241The matcha taste is distinct which I love.
Score: 8.5/10

4. Meito Condensed Milk & Green Tea Candy

2016101519335120161015193306I’m not a big fan of hard candy but I was curious what this would taste like. It has a very matcha taste and there’s literally condensed milk inside. I like to chew on my candy and I found the shell to be quite thin, so less sucking time. I thought it was an ok candy.
Score: 7/10

Well, that’s it for my Daiso… haul (?). Until next time!


〜Nurilen n_n

Snacks | Imuraya Matcha Tsubuan Monaka

This snack is a must have. For $3.40, I guess it was worth the first time experience of biting into this green tea ice cream/red bean/wafer snack. It’s summer time here in Australia and I am melting. I couldn’t be bothered waiting for my train for 17 minutes (because… Sydney Trains… nuff said) so I decided to go shopping.

Didn’t go far as I discovered TongLi supermarket in Auburn Central.

They have so much green tea products in there! The products are so much cheaper than the Korean store in Lidcombe where I bought my tub of green tea ice cream.



It looks just like the picture on the package! And for that, I am super impressed. It tasted as good as it looked!

It’s interesting because I didn’t get brain freeze at all whilst biting into this. I guess it’s because of the wafer that surrounds it that protects your teeth?

9.5/10 would highly recommend and eat it again!

As for the nutritional content…


I put the nutrition and ingredients list in there in case anyone wants to check it out but has dietary restrictions.

Can’t wait to try out more of Tong Li’s cheap green tea snacks!


Comory – Choc-O-‘Bar Matcha (Green Tea)

An interesting Indonesian product! Really want to try out this Comory Matcha Chocobar!
Snack bars are great to pack for lunch. And if they have a fancy wrapper, they can make ideal gifts to bring to parties.

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Hungry? Please…don’t read this blog!



Setiap orang pasti suka banget yang namanya cemilan. Mulai dari cemilan yang ringan, cemilan berat, atau cemilan cepuluh cebelas dan cetelusna..

Hari ini saya mendadak pergi ke Cimory. Itu tuh tempat buat nete. Eh maksudnya tempat yang menjual produk olahan yang berbahan dasar susu. Mulai dari susu murni, sampai dengan youghurt.

Nah! *aku kaget*

Selain susu dan youghurt, Cimory punya adik kandung. Dibukalah Comory. Cokelat Cimory.


Comory ini merupakan gerai khusus dari Cimory yang menjual produk-produk yang berbahan dasar cokelat. Mulai dari cokelat yang berbentuk batangan atau berbentuk bar alias kotak-kotak, sampai dengan marshmallow yang terselimuti oleh cokelat yang pastinya enak-enak.

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Snacks | Cocoroll Mulberry Green Tea

Have I got an interesting snack for you all today! Coconut rolls! They come in a variety of flavours… but I opted for… you guessed it… THE GREEN TEA FLAVOURED!


What on earth is mulberry green tea?



The colour isn’t as green as it is on the box! Now that I look at it, they look a little like rolled up turds. Hahahah. They’re quite cute though.


But don’t let their appearance make you lose their appetite…


The taste is interesting. It’s crunchy and a little savoury. DID NOT taste like matcha at all. The dominant taste was coconut. Another misleading product. To be honest, it’s not an unpleasant taste. But I just feel disappointed and feel a little cheated because I was expecting the matcha taste!

Should’ve checked the ingredients list. SURPRISE SURPRISE. Green tea powder is one of the last on the list. 2%! No wonder I couldn’t taste it.


Final Thoughts

I bought these from Sydney’s Flemington Markets. Not sure if it was worth the $7 price tag since there were only 25 pcs in each box. It would taste nice with ice cream though! Maybe a matcha ice cream.

Always check the ingredients yo!


Matcha powder and snacks

YUM!! I really want to try this now!
Okay, asking for an honest opinion here:
Meiji Rich Matcha Cookies vs Green Tea Kit Kat
Which one tastes better?

Spontaneous journey

I bought the Meiji Rich Matcha Cookies from an older post again because it was just too good. Also, I bought an Alfrot Matcha Chocolate/Cookie which is just matcha chocolate with a single chocolate biscuit stuck to the back of each chocolate segment. The chocolate doesn’t taste like matcha at all (just taste like white chocolate maybe) but the cookie tastes great.

Alfort Matcha Chocolate Alfort Matcha Chocolate

IMG_9183 Alfort Matcha Chocolate with cookie on the back

I also got to try an ‘authentic’ matcha pocky. The biscuit was green (so it probably was made with matcha) but the thing that made it stand out was the crunchy crystals (sugar crystals perhaps) that are hidden under the matcha chocolate coat and these crystals give it a slight matcha taste.

IMG_9121 Matcha Pocky

Got 3 varieties of matcha powder from the airport in Japan!

I still can’t really tell the difference. The largest packaging had powder…

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