Skincare | Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Hand Cream Travel Edition Set


Found this being sold at Sydney International Airport!

So I know the Elizabeth Arden green tea range come in different fragrances like lavender, honey suckle and cherry blossom… but I didn’t know they came in hand creams!

At first I thought I was buying a set of travel-sized body lotions… maybe I took the wrong box when purchasing – I don’t know. But when I finally got to my hotel and gave it another look, I saw it was hand creams! Slightly disappointed but then again, I found this a lot more practical as I always have dry hands!

I’ve only tried the green tea hand cream and it’s sent is remarkable and smell just like the EDTs. Unlike the body lotion, the colour of the cream is white and not green. I’m guessing that the Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Body Lotion has green colouring added to it.

But they don’t really last long on my super dry hands and I’m really lazy with regular applications… mostly because I tend to leave the hand cream at home just in case I lose it while out and about. After all, these are only available at the airport and were duty free so I didn’t want it to run out too soon! And I only ever go overseas once in a blue moon.

I may or may not post a review on the others. This post is basically to announce to green tea hand cream appreciators that Elizabeth Arden green tea hand creams exist! And in different scents too!



Review | Dove Green Tea Deodorant

I am obsessed with the smell of green tea. It’s no surprise that I wish I could smell like it too. When I found the Dove cucumber & green tea scented deodorant at Chemist Warehouse the other day, I went bonkers. Took a few pics of it on the store shelf too.
20150821_141009The only thing that was difficult for me, was deciding between the spray or the roll-on. But I personally prefer roll-on deodorants. Aerosols burn me!

20150910_220816 (1)

So according to the packaging, it lasts 48 h. For me, it lasts more like… 24 h. I’m the type to sweat a lot. I was pleased to find that after running on the treadmill for an hour with the deodorant, I wasn’t as sweaty from my pits as before.20150910_220134

This deodorant works well as any other deodorant to be honest. But I do like the conical shape! It makes gripping easier for me.

It doesn’t have any green tea extract (or cucumber) in it. As you can see from the ingredients list, there is “fragrance” added to it, which I can only assume is the green tea and cucumber scent. So don’t expect any green tea health benefits on your armpits hahaa.

20150910_220211Final thoughts: as a deodorant that happens to also be a moisturises, this is really good.

Like most of the Dove deodorants, application to the pits isn’t as wet as other deodorants. The scent is a really refreshing and everlasting one. I wasn’t so sure about the cucumber and green tea combination, but I am digging this scent! Maybe I should have both these ingredients in a smoothie or dessert one day. Maybe they’ll taste as good together as they smell together?

I probably look like a loon smiling while I smell my pits
~Nurilen n_n

ELIZABETH ARDEN green tea lavender

i love Elizabeth Arden’s green tea line! it’s so refreshing! i have the green tea yuzu at home

Scent Search

Elizabeth Arden
Green tea lavender
Created by: Givaudan

Top: Meyer Lemon, Sicilian Mandarin, Spearmint, Wild Chamomile
Middle: Green Tea, Oolong Tea, Organic Lavender Bulgarian Orpur, French Lavender Absolute Orpur, Chinese Magnolia
Base: Soft Skin Musks, Birchwood, Ambrette Seed

Fresh green tea and lavender open this gentle yet invigorating fragrance. If a spa smelled like this I would love it!
Fresh, clean not heavy. It’s the perfect summertime, get out of the shower, off to the beach, out in the summer heat fragrance.
Works for anyone, any sex any age I think. I liked it from the first squirt and I still do. Fades quickly which is a good thing as you can reapply or change it up as the day unfolds.


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about 39.50  

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Anti-Aging, skin care ingredients to look for when purchasing BY Meagan

nice to see that green tea is on this list! i always buy green tea skin products


I have done a bit of research into Anti-Aging ingredients that you should look out for when buying Serums or creams. It really doesn’t matter how much you spend on a product,  it’s the quality of ingredients you need to look out for. As you may or may not have known, the ingredients on any products are listed in a way which shows you the most potent to the least. I hope this may interest someone, it certainly has taken my interest. Please note all the names listed below aren’t in any particular order.

  • AHA and BHA

Also known as Alpha Hydroxy Acid and Beta Hydroxy Acid.

AHA: This is used for people with sun damaged and normal to dry skin. This helps bind moisture and improve the healthy collagen production. It also helps smooth uneven skin texture.

BHA: This is for people with normal to oily skin and acne…

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Green Tea Facial Toner

i wonder if this will make your face smell refreshingly like green tea?

Avocado + Oat

Green Tea Facial Toner with Tea TreeI know that this recipe doesn’t contain either my favourite avocado or oats, however, it’s so simple, so natural and so good for the skin.

I can’t remember where I first came across the idea for this one, but I modify it depending on how I’m feeling and what other skincare routines I’m doing at the time. The Green Tea is really refreshing for your skin, and while it’s great to drink for the health benefits, I’m sure it’s also got its uses for your outside! I only ever use this one in the morning because I think the caffeine wakes up the skin rather than soothes it for bedtime. Part of my skincare routine is not to over-cleanse my face, as I believe that in the long term this is unecessary and damaging. At night I will use simple soap and water and so this Green Tea Toner is enough…

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