Looking at green tea face masks | Malie Green Tea Ultra Hydrating Essence Mask

I found a stash of my sister’s Korean face masks and decided to try them out! Woohoo! These malie brand of masks also come in a variety of funky concoctions such as coenzyme, snake, snail, aloe vera, pomegranate…

and of course, GREEN TEA!


The best time to put on these face masks would be at the end of the day. Before ripping open the packet and putting it onto your face, make sure to cleanse your face! You don’t want all that days’ gunk on your face to be absorbed into your skin.

I put the mask on after taking a shower, which I take right before going to bed. Night showers on cold nights makes me all warm and cozy for bed. I think the soothing mask helps me relax and fall asleep quicker. Your skin cells also regenerate at night, so I guess the mask might also help in that aspect.

The mask itself doesn’t smell like green tea. It has a fresh smell, like cut grass. Looking at the ingredients list, “green tea extract” is second last, followed by fragrance! Wow. No wonder it doesn’t give off a green tea scent. The fact that this is a “GREEN TEA” mask, with “green tea” written in all caps is a little misleading, and ESPECIALLY since green tea only makes a small percentage of the product itself.


Anyway, I pretty much put on the mask like I do with other face masks. The instructions are in Korean and I don’t understand Korean 😦
But the pictures help.

20150812_165835So you keep the mask on for 20-30minutes. Make sure you don’t exceed the time limit. You don’t want TOO much of the product on your skin. That’s like, an overdose for your skin which isn’t healthy.

One time, I left the mask on for too long and I ended up getting an allergic reaction afterwards. Too much product might’ve seeped in too far and come into contact with my bloodstream… giving me eczema for a couple of weeks. If you have sensitive skin, please be careful.

After 20-30 min, press down on the mask to squeeze out the last remaining juices onto your skin.

Then remove and pat your skin to help your skin absorb it. You can wash your face if you want, but I like to keep the product on my face so that it works its stuff overnight while I head straight for bed.

Your skin might feel tighter, cleaner and more alive. I don’t know if it’s due to the green tea… but I like to think it’s due to a combination of the ingredients in the mask.

Final thoughts I find the idea of green tea Korean face masks interesting. I thought it would be like directly applying green tea to your skin. But these products only use green tea extracts. But still, I wonder if it’s better than consuming green tea directly. When you drink green tea, it would go through all these chemical changes in your body before it even reaches your skin and even then, it doesn’t reach your skin as it’s initial form.
Maybe I’ll do some research online about the effects of drinking green tea on your skin vs topical application of green tea, if such a study exists.
It would also be interesting to look at skin care products that are primarily made up of green tea (like green tea scrubs with matcha powder in it) vs green tea extract products (such as this Malie Green Tea Ultra Hydrating Essence Mask).

I am a scientist at heart and have a curious mind. Until the next post, take care!

~Nurilen n_n


A Tea Drinker’s Frustration With Starbucks

Wow! I didn’t know Starbucks used presweetened matcha!
But is that the case with all Starbucks stores across the globe?

And about the milk proteins binding to the antioxidants, there’s quite a bit of controversy surrounding that which I find very interesting!

Yes, they do bind in vitro, but conclusions are different when looking at trials in humans.
In those who had milk with their green tea, the milk didn’t seem to affect antioxidant activity in the plasma vs those that didn’t have milk with their tea.
And one reason for the difference in results is that normal GI digestion appears to minimize the impact of specific protein interactions.

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What I am hooked on (like at least 3 cups a day, or I feel like a piece of me is missing) is tea. Coffee shops are everywhere. Tea shops? Not so much. But the tea trend is on the rise, so stay tuned. When I’m out and about, and need a cup of tea, typically…

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