Blackmores Superfood Powder: Matcha

Good news!

Over the summer, the Blackmores Superfood Powder ads got to me (well, maybe that part isn’t good news). I’m not a sucker for marketing, but I am an avid tennis fan and these ads would pop up during the game.

But what really got to me was the fact that Blackmores now sell matcha!

Normally, I would have to make the trek to my nearest Asian grocery store on the other side of town. But now that Blackmores is selling their own range, green tea powder is now coming to a chemist store near you!

Well, more like chemist/pharmacy franchise. I bought mine from Chemist Warehouse…


Kinda pricey though but oh well.

Since they come in satchets, I’m thinking of bringing it to work. At work, we have a coffee machine. So I can now make green tea lattes with that gorgeous frothy milk!!




Matchadventure | Iced Green Tea Latte @ The Sugar Hill Cafe, Lidcombe

20151023_115713I treated my mum and aunt to some lunch the other day because I finally got a job. A casual retail one, that is. But still, a job! So I decided to treat them to The Sugar Hill Cafe!

I am impressed with the coffee, blueberry bagel and also the service I experienced at the store. I shall expand on those things later on in the post, but for now… my comments on the iced green tea latte.

It wasn’t an ice cream based ice latte. It was a latte with ice cubes in it. Or maybe I haven’t had many iced lattes in my life so I was under some wrong assumptions when ordering. But the lack of ice cream did not make it any less tasty. In fact, it was delicious! I loved the bitter matcha taste of the latte which was quite prominent! It had just the right amount of sweetness in it that didn’t make the bitterness so overpowering. The drink made me really happy. But I did get annoyed with how many ice cubes were in the mug because that meant less room for the drink.

20151023_115709The iced green tea latte was pretty pricey though. It was $6.50 but hey, much cheaper than the Boost Green Tea Mango Mantra I had the other day. As for everything else I ordered that day, I ordered a Blueberry Bagel which came with ricotta cheese and strawberries inside it.

Now, with the blueberry bagel, it’s not your average dodgy purple blueberry bagel where it’s been sitting in the cafe display for a couple of days waiting for someone to buy it. This bagel was brown and the blueberries still maintained it’s spherical shape within the dough. And just look at the brown, crunchy exterior! I admit it was a little difficult to cut through with knife and fork, so I had to eat it like a burger. Is that how bagels are meant to be eaten? I’ve no idea.


My mum and aunt ordered lattes and I didn’t have a sip but they really enjoyed it. In fact, they’ve visited this cafe with their friends numerous times before and love to come back. The people serving us were really friendly. And I got a free biscuit because my mum hash-tagged #thesugarhillcafe on instagram. Yep. My mum has her own instagram and I don’t. LOL.

The cafe in general was really nice. Had a good ambience but there’s something about the chairs and tables that weren’t very comfortable to sit on. It was very wobbly so whenever I tried to cut into my bagel, the table would shake and spill my beverage everywhere.

Overall, would definitely recommend this place.


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Review | Boost’s Green Tea Mango Mantra

I was waiting around in front of the cinema the other day. My movie (Boruto: Naruto the Movie) wasn’t to start in half an hour and I thought I’d buy myself a Boost drink from the booth nearby. I’ve been a big fan of Boost’s Green Tea Mango mantra but drinking that before watching the movie I’ve been waiting 6 MONTHS to come out was a BIG MISTAKE. Probably missed one of the most sentimental scenes of the Boruto movie 😥

Not sure what I was thinking, buying a drink that not only  was I technically not allowed to bring into the cinema, but was a whopping $7.10! C360_2015-10-28-17-23-37-886

Apart from being a pretty strong diuretic, you can’t go wrong with a green tea mango mantra.It’s very refreshing on a hot spring-summer day! I love the taste! It has this pleasant combination between sweet, sour and bitter. The green tea and mango go together really well. It’s inspired me to mix the two together when making desserts or when baking. But I must say, the mango flavour is the dominant taste, while the green tea is subtle.


Final Thoughts
One thing I am not so sure about is if it’s matcha that they used. The green tea taste was too strong to be from tea bags though. I hope they didn’t use artificial tastes! I didn’t see the process of them making the smoothie so I also can’t be sure if they are as healthy as they say they are. For all I know, they could’ve been using mango ice cream with sugars and all that stuff. I haven’t done much research into the company so I will leave it at that.

But upon inspection of the liquid, it looks green enough to have matcha in it right?


Even though it kinda ruined the movie for me, it didn’t stop me from ordering it again a couple of weeks later. Boost has so many drinks to choose from so when in indecisive doubtfulness, I always go for the green tea mango mantra.



The Only Potable That Looks as Good as it Tastes

ive had a couple of cups of ceremonial grade matcha. they have this milky, creamy texture which is amazing!
or maybe that’s due to the whisking in the tea ceremony.


Matcha green tea, a powder made from high-grade whole green tea leaves, has been around for millennia. But it has recently gained widespread attention for a number of reasons. If you read New York Magazine’s Matcha profile, full of dubious science and such inane statements as “like wine, matcha varies in price according to quality,” you might think this was just the next trendy health food to propagate amongst the Hollywood trendsetters. But matcha has a lot to offer.

It does seem to be true that matcha has a lot of health benefits with daily consumption. But considering it a health drink ignores its broader value.

It certainly tastes good. Ceremonial grade matcha has a full, leafy flavor and emerald green color that looks and tastes like a sunny spring day. The color of good matcha, in fact, is the reason we wrote this post before tackling coffee or even wine. This is simply the…

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Energise and revitalise with this vitamin-enriched smoothie

refreshing smoothie with green tea! or for a more pronounced green tea taste, use matcha!

The HugoInga Blog

Waking up during Spring is always my favourite part of the year.

You hear lawnmowers in the distance and birds singing. But what gets me up even more is the different types of fruits available.

Today i’m going to share my favourite smoothie recipe.

Super C smoothie

Super C smoothie


  • 1 green teabag
  • 80ml (1/3 cup) boiling water
  • 125g (1 cup) frozen raspberries
  • 90g (1/4 cup) Henry Jones ® & Co Fruit and Chia Spread Raspberry & Chia seeds
  • 80ml (1/3 cup) fresh orange juice
  • 1 small banana, peeled, coarsely chopped
  • Small fresh mint leaves, to serve

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Drinks | Indonesian Green Tea: Nü vs Sosro Joy Tea

Indonesians have their own line of tea drinks. When I went to an Indonesian convenience store in Lakemba the other day, I found these two pretty green bottles in the fridge sitting side by side.

Decided to try both of them out!


About the drinks

The Sosro Joy Tea Green Tea comes in a range of flavours including Honey Lemon and Honey Mint. The drink I have in this post is the Jasmine “Less Sugar” version. There is another version that is just Jasmine.

The Nü Green tea comes in the “original” flavour (which is the one in this post) the “original” with “less sugar” and honey.

It would have been ideal to compare the two “less sugar” or “original” versions from the two brands… but oh well. I’m comparing the two that were available to me in the Indonesian convenience store. Both bottles are 500ml in content and both are products of Indonesia.

It might not be much of a difference, but the Sosro Joy Tea Green Tea was imported by Amyson Pty Ltd in NSW, while Nü Green Tea was imported by Hean Corporation Pty Ltd in Victoria.

Nutrition Information

I am laughing at what the Sosro Joy Tea Green Tea says on their website: “Green tea contains antioxidants that are very useful for health.” Hmmm… sounds like they’re promoting their product as something that’s healthy. And then you look at the nutritional information…


Just look at the amount of that sugar in one serving! 36g!! You’d think it was a lot more worse than the Nü Green Tea due to the numbers. But look closer at the Nu Green Tea table… their serving size is per 250ml. The bottle is 500ml… so double all those numbers you see on the left column, and compare THAT value to the values on the Sosro Joy Tea table. It’s not much of a difference in sugar content: only 4 g. But take note, this Sosro Joy Tea is the “less sugar” version. How much did they lessen the sugar by, I wonder? I can’t imagine how much sugar is in the original Sosro Joy Tea.

And that sodium content! Sosro Joy Tea has 56 mg of sodium. MILLIGRAM. in comparison to Nu’s 20g. GRAMS!

Wow. I’d have to say that against all the health benefits of green tea… all that sugar must’ve cancelled it out. So which one is the UNHEALTHIEST?

Unhealthiest: Nü Green Tea


My previous encounter with cold, packaged green tea was an unpleasant one. It was bitter and had I not been thirsty, I may have not finished that can of strange-tasting liquid. But cold, packaged green tea is certainly delicious when sweetened. As was the case with both of these drinks.

They both tasted really good!

20150904_164954But I felt the Nu Green Tea was too sweet. It was so sweet, it gave me a sugar rush and headache. I couldn’t taste the green tea at all. When I first tasted Nu Green Tea, I instantly likened it to the taste of Teh Botol. Kind of ironic, since Tehbotol is actually Sosro’s flagship product.

Tehbotol is an iconic Indonesian drink, by the way. I always drink that stuff when I go to Indonesia. It’s so addictive!

20150904_165017The Joy Tea Green Tea was sweet and almost bitter in comparison to Nu Green Tea. BUT it was still very sweet. And this is the “less sugar”… However, what I liked about this tea is that the sugar didn’t overpower the green tea taste. You get the subtle green tea taste which I really appreciate. It didn’t taste like Teh Botol at all.

Winner: Sosro Joy Tea Green Tea Jasmine Less Sugar.

Final Thoughts

This is a no-brainer, but my favourite would have to be the Sosro Joy Tea Jasmine Green Tea (Less Sugar). You taste the green tea and it’s a lot more pleasant and calming to drink. I also wanted to note the colour of the teas. Sosro’s is a dark brown while Nu’s is a reddish colour. Not very green tea ish… so you could tell that these drinks have been on the shelf for a while. They probably add so many preservatives, and I wouldn’t be surprised if there were because these drinks have come a long way from Indonesia.


These drinks are refreshing on a hot day but I wouldn’t recommend it to those with high blood sugar levels. Diabetics should stay away. Health appreciators should also stay away.

p.s. Expect to make a couple of trips to the loo after sipping on these beverages.

~Nurilen n_n