Eat here: Dex2rose Nitrogen Gelato, Melbourne

I’ve heard so many good things about this Melbourne gelato place!
And they sell matcha ice cream too!
Dex2rose also serve this dessert called “Chocolate Waffle” which is a dark chocolate waffle with matcha icecream, matcha sauce, assorted meringue drops, seasonal fruits and fairy floss. Sounds so good! Must try whenever I go to Melbourne!

Ordinary Girl, Extraordinary Dreamer

377 Little Bourke St, Melbourne CBD


As a non-professional food blogger (read: this is my hobby, I still have to go to work at my “real,” job every day!), it’s always super exciting to be invited to new food spot openings! I’m a big fan of ice cream, and have really enjoyed the few nitrogen gelati I’ve had in the past, and have always wondered why there haven’t been more opened; it seems like there are endless opportunities to create amazing flavour combinations, if you’ve got the right people and passions behind it. Enter Jesse, the brains behind the operation of Dex2rose, Melbourne’s newest offering in the nitrogen gelati department.

This is a project that’s been four years in the planning and opened only 6 weeks ago. You’d be forgiven if you haven’t heard of it yet; strict council restrictions have prohibited the team from putting up…

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