Blackmores Superfood Powder: Matcha

Good news!

Over the summer, the Blackmores Superfood Powder ads got to me (well, maybe that part isn’t good news). I’m not a sucker for marketing, but I am an avid tennis fan and these ads would pop up during the game.

But what really got to me was the fact that Blackmores now sell matcha!

Normally, I would have to make the trek to my nearest Asian grocery store on the other side of town. But now that Blackmores is selling their own range, green tea powder is now coming to a chemist store near you!

Well, more like chemist/pharmacy franchise. I bought mine from Chemist Warehouse…


Kinda pricey though but oh well.

Since they come in satchets, I’m thinking of bringing it to work. At work, we have a coffee machine. So I can now make green tea lattes with that gorgeous frothy milk!!