Matcha Adzuki Muffins (Vegan) – Updated

really looking forward to trying out this vegan matcha red bean cupcake recipe!

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Update: 14th October 2015

So here’s an update of my 4th try on the vegan Matcha Adzuki Muffin recipe that was previously posted here.

Some tweaking in the ingredients of the original recipe were made as follow:-

  1. Reduced flour amount from 400g to 320g (Note that this reduction will yield 10 instead of 12 muffins)
  2. Omitted the addition of cashew nuts 
  3. Mashed up cooked red beans for use as stuffing


As it can be seen from the photo below, the batter is visibly less viscous compared to the previous batch (here) even though it was still sticky when combined. I decided not to mix the red beans within the batter as I wanted to see how the crumbs of the plain batter would turn out to be, and I thought it also looks pretty cute having the spherical blob in the middle, no?

As they turned out…

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Review: Fujiya Milky Matcha

awww such a pity these cute milky matcha sweets are only sold in Japan.

All the Ame

 photo IMG_8696wm_zpseo5nxib5.jpg

Fujiya Milky candy is something that I’ve been curious about for a while now. I was initially drawn to them for their cute and instantly recognizable mascot, Peko-chan. I was really happy to see it arrive in our Oyatsu box this month, especially as this box also features Hello Kitty and is matcha flavoured; both things I love!

You can see what else we got on our box this month here.

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Red Bean Matcha Cream Puffs

these matcha red bean cream puffs are just so beautiful.



I know lately on my blog everything has been matcha-this-matcha-that when really it should be pumpkin-this-pumpkin-that, but let’s say we’re going through a matcha “module”?

At school we’ve just started our respiratory module, and judging from the schedule it’s more intense than anything we’ve done (lots of prereading and prep and assessments) but at the same time it’s exciting to have everything be all integrated and fit together.


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Aranzi Cafe (Japanese Cafe)

That marshmallow and matcha together look so cute! really need to visit Aranzi Cafe when I visit Indonesia.



Let me review another menu from aranzi cafe. This is called Kappa’s Matcha Madness. Basically this is a green tea flavour snow ice with red bean, pudding and marshmallow (it supposed to be mochi, but the mochi was out of stock when I came).

The taste was just fine, but one thing this dessert lack of is that the taste of their snow ice is not smooth or soft, is a little bit rougher than normal snow ice like “Bingsu (Korean snow ice)”.

Anyway I hope people who read this blog, can have a sweet day 🙂 – sincerely from Foodaholicgirl

Aranzi Cafe
Mall Kelapa Gading 3, Gading Walk
Jl. Boulevard Raya Kelapa Gading Blok M, Kelapa Gading.

The address given above is only one of their cafe address (the one that I had visited). If you wish to know more of their cafe places, please kindly check their website…

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Sakura Matcha – KitKat

sakura matcha kit kat! looks so good! i wonder how the taste differs to the regular green tea kit kat?


Another of Japans famous weird KitKat’s

Sakura Matcha 

These are available in the spring in Japan – Almost like a celebration or treat for cherry blossom season.

These are packaged beautifully and the front really encompasses Japan.


The back of the box has a “message” section so that you can give this box as a present.

It also covers all of the necessary information as usual.

Thats about it, lets open it up!!


Ahhh they are so cute  (✿◠‿◠)

The design is a little simpler than designs that we’ve seen before but still lovely.

You get 3 mini KitKat’s in the box and each has its own individual message section on the back.


Inside the wrapping your greeted with a lovely  green colour. There is no mistaking that this includes matcha!!

KitKat’s are wafer biscuits covered in a thin layer of chocolate.

It tastes so aromatic, its a very…

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