Sakura Matcha – KitKat

sakura matcha kit kat! looks so good! i wonder how the taste differs to the regular green tea kit kat?


Another of Japans famous weird KitKat’s

Sakura Matcha 

These are available in the spring in Japan – Almost like a celebration or treat for cherry blossom season.

These are packaged beautifully and the front really encompasses Japan.


The back of the box has a “message” section so that you can give this box as a present.

It also covers all of the necessary information as usual.

Thats about it, lets open it up!!


Ahhh they are so cute  (✿◠‿◠)

The design is a little simpler than designs that we’ve seen before but still lovely.

You get 3 mini KitKat’s in the box and each has its own individual message section on the back.


Inside the wrapping your greeted with a lovely  green colour. There is no mistaking that this includes matcha!!

KitKat’s are wafer biscuits covered in a thin layer of chocolate.

It tastes so aromatic, its a very…

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