Review | Boost’s Green Tea Mango Mantra

I was waiting around in front of the cinema the other day. My movie (Boruto: Naruto the Movie) wasn’t to start in half an hour and I thought I’d buy myself a Boost drink from the booth nearby. I’ve been a big fan of Boost’s Green Tea Mango mantra but drinking that before watching the movie I’ve been waiting 6 MONTHS to come out was a BIG MISTAKE. Probably missed one of the most sentimental scenes of the Boruto movie 😥

Not sure what I was thinking, buying a drink that not only  was I technically not allowed to bring into the cinema, but was a whopping $7.10! C360_2015-10-28-17-23-37-886

Apart from being a pretty strong diuretic, you can’t go wrong with a green tea mango mantra.It’s very refreshing on a hot spring-summer day! I love the taste! It has this pleasant combination between sweet, sour and bitter. The green tea and mango go together really well. It’s inspired me to mix the two together when making desserts or when baking. But I must say, the mango flavour is the dominant taste, while the green tea is subtle.


Final Thoughts
One thing I am not so sure about is if it’s matcha that they used. The green tea taste was too strong to be from tea bags though. I hope they didn’t use artificial tastes! I didn’t see the process of them making the smoothie so I also can’t be sure if they are as healthy as they say they are. For all I know, they could’ve been using mango ice cream with sugars and all that stuff. I haven’t done much research into the company so I will leave it at that.

But upon inspection of the liquid, it looks green enough to have matcha in it right?


Even though it kinda ruined the movie for me, it didn’t stop me from ordering it again a couple of weeks later. Boost has so many drinks to choose from so when in indecisive doubtfulness, I always go for the green tea mango mantra.




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