Matcha and chocolate swirl loaf (tangzhong style)

so pretty and looks delicious! really need to try this one day!



I have always enjoyed baking bread other than conventional loaves. I love the combination of matcha green tea and chocolate. The flavour came out not too strong, on the mild side, perfect for sandwiches. I love how the swirl effect looks on this bread. It is light and fluffy, best served with egg mayo, meat patties or can be eaten plain.

This recipe uses tangzhong. For more information on how to prepare this ‘roux’ mixture, I have a post on this. This method sounds technical but as technical as it sounds, it is actually very easy to prepare.

The recipe is adapted from Christine’s recipes website. I have always find her sites to be useful and easy to understand.

Do not afraid to try baking. Practice makes perfect. Enjoy!


350g bread flour
55g castor sugar
1 tsp salt
1 large egg
7 tblsp + 1 tsp milk powder

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