The Green Tea Ice Cream Chronicles | Green Tea La Creme Icecream Tub

Hey there! Long time no see!

So… I live in an area where green tea flavoured anything is rare. But a shopping centre just recently opened up in a nearby suburb! And to my joy, I found a Korean grocery store there as well!

I cannot begin to describe my glee. They have green tea kit kat, green tea pocky sticks, green tea powder, green tea latte satchets… and most importantly… GREEN TEA ICE CREAM!! 20150926_150104

There were only two brands of green tea ice cream tubs to choose from, but I opted for the La Creme because it was 1 L and more value… even though it was still a whopping $10! Well… I suppose that’s how much you should expect for rare, exotic ice cream flavours.

The Taste

What can I say, it was absolutely delicious and the matcha taste is strong with this one, despite its light green colour. I don’t mind though! It’s a pretty green!

And I have to say, it’s quite light and not sickeningly creamy.


Final Thoughts

It is delicious and I’ve been putting this in my smoothies and it tastes SO GOOD with mangoes! I was trying to replicate Boost’s Mango Mantra… I think mine tastes better.

There’s loads of sugar in it… so if I’m making any desserts, I’ll make sure to cut down on the sugar content because this ice cream is pretty sweet!


20150926_150433Hooray for home ice cream though! And… It’s Australian made so at least you know it isn’t concentrated with preservatives because it had to be shipped off from another country hundreds of miles away.

I’m excited to make some more homemade matcha smoothies with this! So pumped for the Summer time!

~Nurilen n_n

p.s. sorry it’s been a while since my last upload! Work has been a bit crazy hahah and I dropped my phone which I use to take pics for this blog with. The screen is shattered T_T