Matcha Madeleines

This is the first time ive heard of madeleines. i would love to bake these! those seashell trays look so adorable!

Cakes The Biscuit

It probably is one of the most used stereotypes that is in fact true… British people love tea. You honestly can’t beat a good cup of tea. However it is not only the pot of tea that I so love, but the tradition of tea and all the goodies that go with it. I mentioned in my previous post for chocolate fudge cookies that growing up I developed and affinity for tea. Initially it was regular breakfast tea with milk and two sugars. I would dunk my biscuits in it and more often than not leave it for too long, leading it to break off and me having to search through the murky golden waters of my teacup for it with my teaspoon. It honestly wasn’t until a couple of years ago that I discovered my taste for green tea. Initially I was drawn to it for the health benefits and…

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