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I wanted to bring your attention to yet another product I bought at Sydney’s Flemington Markets (Technically, it was my mum that bought it.) I present to you, Soursop Green Tea.


Soursop is a pretty exotic fruit and it’s existence was not made not known to me before a close loved one was diagnosed with breast cancer. After her diagnosis, we were also looking at alternatives to conventional medicine. We did not abandon conventional medicine, but wanted to also try out some natural remedies since the prospect of a mastectomy is pretty scary. That was a long time ago. Thank God, said family member is still alive and it’s been 5 years now. After drinking soursop tea for some time, we noticed the size of the cancer actually decrease and although I cannot say it was due to drinking the soursop alone, we can only speculate. There have been studies that show promising results of soursop tea being effective against cancer tissue cultures such as lung cancer, cervical and breast. Well anyway, to end this story, we ended up going through with the mastectomy.

My family friend’s uncle had a brain tumour and apparently, after drinking soursop for a while the size of the tumour decreased. Despite him passing away a couple of months later (the cancer had already spread), I find these soursop ‘miracles’ fascinating and I’d really like to do some proper research on it one day.

I am not a medical doctor, so PLEASE don’t take my anecdote as medical advice. Remember, I’m just someone on the internet haha.

SO, on to the product itself!

Tea 4 U Soursop Green Tea


So according to the packet, this is a Sri Lankan product. And it’s “Pure Ceylon Green Tea”. In the ingredients, it has “Sour Sop Flavour”. I am no idea what this means. Did they add a chemical into the tea to make it taste like soursop, or did they add extracts of the sour sop itself? And if they did add extract, is it from the leaf or fruit? They’re not being very clear here, because their ingredients list contradicts with that fancily-worded paragraph at the top right.


Pleasant. Has a hint of a sour smell but definitely smells like green tea.


It does taste like green tea! And it smells like it tastes! It does have that sour taste which I can safely assume is the soursop. It has that citrus-y taste which I think is a little more sweet than sour. I actually like this! Usually with the free leaf soursop teas, the tea is so thick you want to choke. But you don’t get that type of sensation when drinking this. Of course you won’t because this is primarily green tea!


Final Thoughts

Soursop has a lot of health benefits so if you’re up for trying new things, maybe try out an actual soursop tea, and not a soursop green tea product where the soursop itself is questionable. TEAWITHPOLLY wrote a blog post about Tea 4 U’s Soursop Tea. Maybe that tea has REAL soursop.

Interestingly, this website claims that a Mlesna Soursop Green Tea is “the only Soursop Green Tea in the world that uses genuine Soursop extract rather than imitation”. Woah. Okay. So if what they say is true, then the “soursop flavour” in the Tea4U soursop green tea really is just a flavour… 😦

BUT! This is a green tea blog!

I would definitely recommend this to green tea lovers and those that appreciate the wonders GREEN TEA can do to us health-wise. And if you’re bored of the bitterness of green tea, the soursop flavour is definitely a unique and also sourly pleasant one to try out!

Oh, and sorry for the poor quality of the pictures in this post!



3 thoughts on “Drinks | Soursop Green Tea

  1. Hi, I’m sure the tea I reviewed is the same as this one. It only has soursop flavoring. It is not actual soursop fruit. For the record, I also don’t buy into untested, or unverified health claims about tea. Drink it for taste and enjoyment, and that is enough.
    Happy Tea-time!

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