Matchadventure | Sydney Tea Festival 2015

Where you find free stuff, you will find me. And entry to the Sydney Tea Festival was FREE with FREE tea tasting! But they did sell tea tasting cups for $4. Pretty smart… it saves from paper cup wastage and it’s basically the entry fee that would support the festival for next year.



As a matcha lover, I only had eyes for one thing… YOU GUESSED IT: GREEN TEA & MATCHA (well, two things).

But I did try out some interesting blends on the day as well. And why not, they were free!

One the main events of the festival was the Japanese tea ceremony. I got to drink actual matcha tea served to me by a lady in a kimono! *fangirling* I wrote a separate blog post about it which you can find here.

I just wanted to share my pictures of the event in this post. I tried to get pics of all the green teas on the day though. I only have one opinion to share about the day: DELICIOUSLY AWESOME. I promise you, the free entry fee did not play a part in my decision. I did however, feel a little iffy about the oolong tea. I don’t think oolong is for me.

Loose Leaf Tea House Stall-The first stall of my day


Addiction Food-tried out their dark chocolate, orange balls. MMMmmm!

20150816_130139 20150816_130141

Blossom Blends-How cute are their teaware? And had a range of flowery tea blends.

20150816_104616 20150816_104824

Mista Matcha-these were the suppliers of the matcha powder to the Japanese tea ceremony on the day. I LOVED their matcha bliss balls. Couldn’t taste much matcha… it was very fruity.

mista matcha bliss balls recipe mista matcha bliss balls

Gingko Leaf-I really wanted to buy their Japanese teaware but WOAH they were pricy. Unlink Mista Matcha, their matcha is from Kyoto… which was also pretty expensive. Was really looking forward to it, but sadly… my poor wallet 😦


Madame Flavour– I bought a box of their green tea. It was really refreshing. You can actually find this brand in your local Woolies. LOL, travelled so far to buy something I could find locally.

The aroma of the lemongrass leaves was so strong and fresh!
Bought a box of this green tea. So good!
Taste-testing the Sencha Shizuoka
Look at that green colour of the Sencha Shizuoka

Mak Mak Macarons– The owner of this business was super friendly! He was Malaysian and makes tasty macarons. OMG… the matcha macaron was so pretty! And delicious!

makmakmacarons makmakmatchamacarongs

Perfect South Green Tea– I had never heard of this place before until the festival. They had some interesting leaf blends… but no matcha.

20150816_13095820150816_124610 20150816_130924

Tea cosies!!

20150816_110254 20150816_110627

And here are some more random photos. Did I ever tell you how terrible I am at the blogging thing? It’s so hard being selective!

20150816_104230 20150816_104549 20150816_123336 20150816_131742 20150816_131751

And that’s all I have for today folks. This festival was last week and I have been dreading this post. Now you see why. It’s so photo-heavy! But if you’re ever in Sydney around August… keep an eye out for the Sydney Tea Festival!


Good Life Cake: A Summer Citrus and Green Tea Cake

this sounds like such a refreshing recipe!
citrus + green tea = ❤

Chef Mary Berry

A few days ago, I had the amazing idea of making a green tea cake. I thoroughly enjoy sipping on my iced tea during the summer time and I have a special spot in my heart for lemon and citrus flavored desserts. There’s something about the mix of sweet and tart that just makes the taste buds explode with happiness and summertime cheer. Combining both the refreshing idea of tea and the refreshing idea of a citrus dessert into one was something I absolutely felt compelled to accomplish, and I finally did that this afternoon. I call my creation the Good Life Cake!

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Innisfree The Green Tea Seed Serum Review

great review! if it has green tea and smells like green tea, im sold!

*sigh* ive been meaning to try these innisfree green tea products-ever since ive been watching those ads with Yoona from SNSD lol

all about leanne

Innisfree is one of my favorite beauty brands. I use so many of their products, including serum, sheet masks, sunscreen, cushion, powder, and lip balm. I really wish that they would open up a store in the Bay Area, but that would also be very bad for my wallet.

Anyway, today I’m featuring a product that is essential to my nightly skin care regimen–The Green Tea Seed Serum.

Innisfree The Green Tea Seed Serum

Description from the Innisfree website:

A moisturizing serum with the organic Jeju green tea water and green tea seeds to hydrate your skin from within!

1. More moisturizing and fresh with the 100% squeezed green tea
Rich in amino acids and minerals, green tea from the fresh Jeju green tea leaves hydrate your skin.

2. Dual Moisture-Rising TechnologyTM from the green tea and green tea seed oil
The fresh green tea water deeply hydates your skin and the green tea…

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Natural Power Foods to Cleanse Your Skin

No surprise that green tea is on this list for healthy skin! Almost all green tea drinkers i know have such clear skin!

olive oil is apparently great for hair. those that apply it to their hair seem to have thicker and less grey hairs! such as my aunt, who was so disciplined with her hair care. shes in her 50s now


You already know that the foods you eat can improve your health, enhance your athletic performance, and help you avoid chronic conditions like heart disease and diabetes. But did you know that certain foods can also improve the health and appearance of your skin?

Over the past few years, I’ve experienced some incredible changes in my body as a direct result of eating a cleaner, less-processed diet—everything from clearer thinking and less stress to improved muscle definition and consistently higher energy levels. Then, about eight months ago, I decided to take things to the next level and begin cutting down on sugar. It’s been a challenge, no doubt, but I wouldn’t have been able to make it this far without noticeable results motivating me each and every day, and one of those results has been the astonishing effect that this cleaner way of eating has been having on my skin.


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Top 5 Cupboard Essentials

i have all 4 of these! except the almond butter. is almond butter like peanut butter?


Holland & Barrett ClonmelAs one of the UK’s and Irelands leading retailer of vitamins, minerals and herbal supplements, Holland & Barrett are fast becoming a one stop shop for nearly all your health needs. It’s no secret that health products can be costly, but with frequent deals such as the 1cent deals or buy one, get the second half price, you can make huge savings. It’s not just supplements that they provide, there’s a vast range of products on offer so when Holland & Barrett recently sent me a fabulous package containing some of my favourites from their store I was thrilled.

When compiling shopping lists for my Nutrition groups, there are always staples that I recommend. These are the foundation items for what’s needed to keep your healthy lifestyle on track.

These are my top 5 recommendations, all of which can be found in Holland & Barrett:

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Green tea Froggies

these are adorable!
you could try making white chocolate eyes and setting them on a separate sheet of baking paper, before sticking them onto your macarons 🙂

Memory Lane


This is my first attempt at the green froggy Keropi. Mine doesn’t look like Keropi yet… I didn’t prepare a template after all. I only decided to try this character as I had some left over green tea batter from making green tea macarons for my friend. The eyes should be bigger, I should try piping white batter instead of icing on top to create that bulging effect for the eyes – fitting for frogs right?

I made green tea flavoured buttercream to fill these shells. I’m pretty happy with how the colour turned out, a gentle shade of green is what I would prefer over dark green colour 🙂


I had one happy model showcasing my green tea froggy, only if she can get to eat it after as her reward though 🙂

I should feel glad that she did recognize it as a frog (^.^)



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