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Okay, so it’s been a while. A LONG WHILE.

Since my last post I’ve completed a master degree and will hopefully be going to med school in the new year.

What’s also new is that I MADE AN INSTAGRAM account: @greentealicious_matcha

I’ve had so many encounters with green tea during my blog absence but have had little time to write about them all. Some of them aren’t blog worthy but I would still like to share them all some how. Hence, the instagram.

Till next time!

P.s. if you google “greentealicious”, this blog is no longer the first result. Apparently there’s a cafe now called greentealicious in America. That’s awesome but that cafe is not affiliated in any way to this blog. We only share our love of green tea.



Skincare | Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Hand Cream Travel Edition Set


Found this being sold at Sydney International Airport!

So I know the Elizabeth Arden green tea range come in different fragrances like lavender, honey suckle and cherry blossom… but I didn’t know they came in hand creams!

At first I thought I was buying a set of travel-sized body lotions… maybe I took the wrong box when purchasing – I don’t know. But when I finally got to my hotel and gave it another look, I saw it was hand creams! Slightly disappointed but then again, I found this a lot more practical as I always have dry hands!

I’ve only tried the green tea hand cream and it’s sent is remarkable and smell just like the EDTs. Unlike the body lotion, the colour of the cream is white and not green. I’m guessing that the Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Body Lotion has green colouring added to it.

But they don’t really last long on my super dry hands and I’m really lazy with regular applications… mostly because I tend to leave the hand cream at home just in case I lose it while out and about. After all, these are only available at the airport and were duty free so I didn’t want it to run out too soon! And I only ever go overseas once in a blue moon.

I may or may not post a review on the others. This post is basically to announce to green tea hand cream appreciators that Elizabeth Arden green tea hand creams exist! And in different scents too!


Snacks | Yuki & Love Japanese Style Green Tea Mochi

I’m a big fan of mochi and came across green tea mochi. Of course I had to try it!

I’ve had packaged green tea mochi before… but this particular brand of mochi wasn’t that soft, gooey mochi texture. It was a bit like biting into a stone…



Wow, I haven’t posted on greentealicious in months! But 2 posts in one day? I am on a roll!

~Nurilen n_n

Snacks | Matchadventure @Daiso


It’s been a while!

So a new shopping centre popped up in my local area last year and I was ecstatic that a Daiso store was going to open up there!

At last, I finally got to to visit the store and boy did I find lots of green tea goodies! I selected a couple of interesting matcha snacks…


1. Furuta Everyone Cookies

20161015_15412620161015190557The cookies come individually packaged. You get a whiff of green tea once you take the cookie out of its packet and there’s a subtle matcha taste. 2016101519064320161015190456Other than that, it tastes like a chocolate chip cookie.
Score: 7/10

2. DARS Uji Matcha Chocolate


Haven’t been to a Daiso store in a while and am a little heartbroken that they no longer go by the “EVERYTHING $2.80”. This chocolate was $3.80… yikes.

20161015_154118It’s a dark chocolate… very rich chocolate (no pun intended) with a matcha centre.20161015192406

I’m a big fan of the dark chocolate taste and I was also pleased that the chocolate came as individual pieces like they do with some Lindt chocolates.

Score: 8/10

3. Meiji Hello Panda – Matcha Green Tea Cream Filling

Growing up, Hello Panda was the go to snack and I fondly remember my school canteen selling the chocolate and strawberry cream filling flavours. 20161015193040It was the closest thing to junk food the canteen sold once they removed ice cream and chips from the shelves. So, bonus points for nostalgia.The green tea cream filling tastes a lot like the green tea kit kat.2016101519325020161015193241The matcha taste is distinct which I love.
Score: 8.5/10

4. Meito Condensed Milk & Green Tea Candy

2016101519335120161015193306I’m not a big fan of hard candy but I was curious what this would taste like. It has a very matcha taste and there’s literally condensed milk inside. I like to chew on my candy and I found the shell to be quite thin, so less sucking time. I thought it was an ok candy.
Score: 7/10

Well, that’s it for my Daiso… haul (?). Until next time!


〜Nurilen n_n

Blackmores Superfood Powder: Matcha

Good news!

Over the summer, the Blackmores Superfood Powder ads got to me (well, maybe that part isn’t good news). I’m not a sucker for marketing, but I am an avid tennis fan and these ads would pop up during the game.

But what really got to me was the fact that Blackmores now sell matcha!

Normally, I would have to make the trek to my nearest Asian grocery store on the other side of town. But now that Blackmores is selling their own range, green tea powder is now coming to a chemist store near you!

Well, more like chemist/pharmacy franchise. I bought mine from Chemist Warehouse…


Kinda pricey though but oh well.

Since they come in satchets, I’m thinking of bringing it to work. At work, we have a coffee machine. So I can now make green tea lattes with that gorgeous frothy milk!!



Snacks | Imuraya Matcha Tsubuan Monaka

This snack is a must have. For $3.40, I guess it was worth the first time experience of biting into this green tea ice cream/red bean/wafer snack. It’s summer time here in Australia and I am melting. I couldn’t be bothered waiting for my train for 17 minutes (because… Sydney Trains… nuff said) so I decided to go shopping.

Didn’t go far as I discovered TongLi supermarket in Auburn Central.

They have so much green tea products in there! The products are so much cheaper than the Korean store in Lidcombe where I bought my tub of green tea ice cream.



It looks just like the picture on the package! And for that, I am super impressed. It tasted as good as it looked!

It’s interesting because I didn’t get brain freeze at all whilst biting into this. I guess it’s because of the wafer that surrounds it that protects your teeth?

9.5/10 would highly recommend and eat it again!

As for the nutritional content…


I put the nutrition and ingredients list in there in case anyone wants to check it out but has dietary restrictions.

Can’t wait to try out more of Tong Li’s cheap green tea snacks!


Infinity Dreams Award

Hey hey! I just got nominated for the Infinity Dreams Award by Rona from teawithpolly. Actually, this was from about a month ago. I’ve been so busy but thank you so much!

I really enjoy doing these. They’re a breath of fresh air from my usual green tea posts haha.

Here are the rules for the Infinity Dreams Award:

  1. Thank and follow the blog that nominated you.
  2. Tell us 5 facts about yourself.
  3. Answer the 5 questions that were set for you to answer.
  4. Nominate 5 bloggers and set questions for them.
  5. Notify your nominees and send them a link

Note: they were initially 11, but I’m going to continue teawithpolly’s trend and do 5.


Facts About Me

  1. Favourite number is 3.
  2. I’m the eldest of 3 sisters.
  3. I’m a free bird! I love being spontaneous and random and surprising people!
  4. I’ve only been camping once in my entire life. And that was to a study camp held by my school.
  5. I once lost $200 of my scholarship money on my phone bill because I went over my mobile data limit.

My answers to Rona’s Questions


  1. Where have you travelled? Where do you want to go next?
    Places here and there in Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Japan.
    Next place would be… hmmm Middle East! Didn’t see that one coming did you?
  2. Does your town/city require you to recycle? What kind of recycling system do you have in your house? (yeah, I’m looking for ideas ‘coz my system isn’t working)
    I suppose so. But you don’t get fined if you don’t recycle. In Sydney, there are three types of bins: Red is for general waste, Yellow is for recycling and Green is for plant material.
  3. Why did the chicken cross the road?
    To die and cross over to the ‘other side’.
  4. What did you learn from your first crush/ first love?
    Imaginations can go way too far.
  5. What do you think you will be doing 10 years from now?
    God knows really… hopefully not doing drugs.

5 Questions for my 5 Nominees

  1. Last movie you watched?
  2. What came first, the chicken or the egg?
  3. Favourite fictional character and why?
  4. What is a language you would like to learn?
  5. If you had your own reality tv series, do you think it’d be a successful one?

And now… for my nominees!


  1. asianfoodninja
  2. idreamofdaiso
  3. allaboutleanne
  4. thepurplerealm
  5. arinainlondonland

Love their stuff!


Matchadventure | Iced Green Tea Latte @ The Sugar Hill Cafe, Lidcombe

20151023_115713I treated my mum and aunt to some lunch the other day because I finally got a job. A casual retail one, that is. But still, a job! So I decided to treat them to The Sugar Hill Cafe!

I am impressed with the coffee, blueberry bagel and also the service I experienced at the store. I shall expand on those things later on in the post, but for now… my comments on the iced green tea latte.

It wasn’t an ice cream based ice latte. It was a latte with ice cubes in it. Or maybe I haven’t had many iced lattes in my life so I was under some wrong assumptions when ordering. But the lack of ice cream did not make it any less tasty. In fact, it was delicious! I loved the bitter matcha taste of the latte which was quite prominent! It had just the right amount of sweetness in it that didn’t make the bitterness so overpowering. The drink made me really happy. But I did get annoyed with how many ice cubes were in the mug because that meant less room for the drink.

20151023_115709The iced green tea latte was pretty pricey though. It was $6.50 but hey, much cheaper than the Boost Green Tea Mango Mantra I had the other day. As for everything else I ordered that day, I ordered a Blueberry Bagel which came with ricotta cheese and strawberries inside it.

Now, with the blueberry bagel, it’s not your average dodgy purple blueberry bagel where it’s been sitting in the cafe display for a couple of days waiting for someone to buy it. This bagel was brown and the blueberries still maintained it’s spherical shape within the dough. And just look at the brown, crunchy exterior! I admit it was a little difficult to cut through with knife and fork, so I had to eat it like a burger. Is that how bagels are meant to be eaten? I’ve no idea.


My mum and aunt ordered lattes and I didn’t have a sip but they really enjoyed it. In fact, they’ve visited this cafe with their friends numerous times before and love to come back. The people serving us were really friendly. And I got a free biscuit because my mum hash-tagged #thesugarhillcafe on instagram. Yep. My mum has her own instagram and I don’t. LOL.

The cafe in general was really nice. Had a good ambience but there’s something about the chairs and tables that weren’t very comfortable to sit on. It was very wobbly so whenever I tried to cut into my bagel, the table would shake and spill my beverage everywhere.

Overall, would definitely recommend this place.


The Sugar Hill Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

The Rabbit Hole Organic Tea Bar

can’t wait to visit The Rabbit Hole Organic Tea bar! that green tea latte looks like something i need!

Burn My Mouth Blog


A cafe without coffee in Sydney?  Welcome to The Rabbit Hole Organic Tea Bar!


Recently opened in the inner city suburb of Redfern, this place is all about tea.  All the tea here are blended in-house, with the theme of tea evident from the sculpture in the middle of the cafe that is made from teabags, to the installation of beer taps to deliver sparkling tea, and even to the food items on the menu.   The cafe is a conversion from an old warehouse, with white-washed, exposed brick walls and splashes of gold in its fittings, which makes a very contemporary and artistic setting.


The artistic nature of this cafe is also reflected in the use of gold cutlery, a chemistry flask to serve sparkling water, as well as using playing cards as indicators for orders.  The cups all have a small rabbit tail on the side, which ties in…

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